Mizuno Wave Rider 10 Premium

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Mizuno presents the newest version of fan favorite Wave Rider 10 Premium. A staple for a few seasons, the Wave Rider 10 Premium, has now become an icon within the Sportstyle collection, where every contrast is handled in a subtle way, far from the ostentation of momentary trends. The Wave Rider 10 Premium, coming in solid white, terracotta and blue, is a sophisticated mixture of perforated suede and mesh, all in gradients of the same hue. The leather Runbird and the metallic finish give a premium look and feel to this iconic style, where an essential pared-down aesthetic is mixed with an incredible richness. The brand’s ability to create the perfect balance between soft contrast, tonal colors and premium materials is once again front and center in this capsule, which stands for quality and care in every aspect of sourcing and production

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